Capturing screens from the clipboard

Can anyone explain me why as soon as i start windows, CIS is capturing screenshots from my clipboard? ???

I use Zemana Antilogger

CIS is capturing screenshots?

How and where are you seeing this?


As i have already told to my previous post, i see that to Zemana Antilogger (with the zemana white list technology unchecked)…

P.S. the next time i see that, i will capture my whole desktop and i will post it here

As i promised, here are the 2 screenshots

1.) the first attach (about the physical memory), it is natural to happen because Comodo is an antivirus, so this is a natural behavior and sth very common. I see this screen everytime i start windows but it’s ok with me.

2.) But… the second picture (the second attach) about the captures, i see it only once every 20 days to one month…

First of all, Comodo is a verified application, as Zemana says too.Ii see this behavior because i have unchecked the Zemana white-list technology (every application is considered as non-safe if i unckeck yhe white list of Zemana application). i did that because i wanted to check the behavior of any legitimate application. That’s why i noticed that with Comodo behavior

My question is why Comodo is trying to take captures from the clipboard and if it is a natural behavior, why i don’t see this everytime but only once in a 15 days - one month? What kind of captures are they?

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I sent a pm to the head developer egemen and he said it was a false detection from Zemana.