Cant, wont, help?

When I boot up I get the balloon pop up virus signature database is not up to date, when I try to update, I get failed check Internet connections try again later. Nothing is amiss with the connection.Why cant I get it to update. Reply in layman’s terms please.

Have you had previous success with this installation of C.I.S. ?

Is this a new installation that has never yet got a full update ?

Do you have general Internet connectivity ( can you Google ) ?


What version of CIS are you using?

I have the free version that came with the UK Microsoft magazine

What are you referring to here? I don’t think Microsoft would giveaway any Comodo products… or any other companies for that matter, they just don’t do that sort of thing. Also CIS (that you install on your PC) is always free, there is no other version. The only paid element is CIS Pro or Live PC Support, which (as the name implies) gives the user 24/7 technical support.

In any event, please confirm which version of CIS you currently have installed (open CIS - Miscellaneous - About) and which Operating System you use. Thanks.

Would that be virus signature database version 994? Or the product version. The disc it came on was titled Windows XP, the official magazine, 3 great full programs + essential online security toolkit , it was issue 95 march 2009 . Thanks in advance

OK, that sounds like a PC magazine giveaway CD/DVD. It probably isn’t from Microsoft. Right, it was the product version that I wanted. However, the database version (994) and the CD/DVD date (March 2009) does indicate that you have a fairly old version of CIS. Under the circumstances I recommend a clean install (uninstalling the current first) using the latest version of CIS (3.12.111745.560). But, this will mean that you will loose all your CIS settings/configuration and have to start from scratch.

Assuming that this is OK, you can find the latest version of CIS here.

[i]PS An older version of CIS could easily prevent you from receiving AV and program updates, since Comodo did change the update process for AV updates. In short, older versions are not compatible.


Have done what you suggested and I have the version in your post ending with 560, but on trying to update I still get the same message

OK, well CIS does utilise Internet Options - Connections tab (the MSIE/Control Panel applet) to gain access to the Internet, there might be something set wrong in there… unless you use MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) as your browser (then that scenario is unlikely).

edit: Omitted the tab name on the applet.

bigspud, let’s see whether you are getting reply while pinging

  1. Click Start > Run. Type cmd and hit ok.
  2. Type ping and hit enter.
    If you get the message “Request Timed Out”, then the issue is with your network connection.