Can't we just get rid of this doggone *.doc(x)?

TLDR: I'm just venting. I wish we could use html instead of *.doc(x) when it comes to documents.

The thing I hate the most is that I work with a lot of 'em and I just simply hate it when the format is all wrong when I send it to someone else. It’s fine if it’s just a simple document and everything but darn it all when I have to use graphs and all that. They get pushed right out of the paper or they don’t show at all. They’re not at the proper ratio or proportion that they should be, labels are missing, or they just don’t plain show.

And if that’s not annoying enough, Microsoft can change the whole darn thing anytime they like. All that hardwork gone in a puff of smoke. Why can’t we just use html? It’s platform-independent and fidelity shouldn’t be much of a problem.

I mean look at this post editor. It’s got all the basic necessities for a text editor, and a tad bit more. Lists, paragraphs, block quotes, symbols, super/subscripts, images and links, alignment and fonts, tables and attachments…can you believe how much you can do with these things? And with extensions, you can get to extend it’s functionalities like saving using Lazarus, grammar check with grammarly, save as pdf with cups or nimbus. It’s a shame really. I started using ckeditor to create documents whenever I work alone since I could only print them as pdf’s and that pretty much throws collaboration away. But I have a team. In the end I had to go back to writebox, copy and paste everything to word, insert all the things I need to add, save it and hope that it gets read right.

I was really ecstatic when offline editing for google docs finally pushed through. And it was great using it at first. But then we lost connection for a while and next thing we know, we can’t access the darn thing saying the resources were not available. Seems like overtime it gets thrown out and needed connection some time or another. Unless you use it often, but we don’t. We had to print them. Great just save it as pdf, right? Yeah, no. Last minute edits in case the boss didn’t like it or wanted to add something he should’ve told us a week ago. And guess what. No internet connection. No google docs. Fire up MS Word. Wrong format. Redo practically everything… Oh for the love of…sigh

I’m telling you my life was a whole lot easier using the browser and html. Presentations? saved my life. Spreadsheets? It’s a good thing I don’t use it much but when I do, oh the horror.

I really wish we had something like that. It doesn’t even have to have all that complex stuff like javascripts and videos and flash. It’s a text editor for crying out loud. It doesn’t need to go to this link and that. It’s not a browser. No more worries of macros, no more pray-to-god-everything’s-just-right worries, and no more squabble with those huge lumbering office suites. Dreams. Dreams. Dreams.

Isn’t the incompatibility not caused by people in the chain using Open Office or one of its derivates?

I’m using Microsoft Word 2010, two of them were using 2007, and our leader’s using the web app. Well all decided to go for the Web app since that’s what we all had in common but when it’s time for printing that wasn’t available (the printing room doesn’t have network access to avoid leaks; makes it easier to pinpoint whodunnit). So we used the viewer instead. Messy. We had installed 2010 on it but lo and behold. It’s useless. We even tried the whole preserve fidelity thing in MSW 2010.

I think it’s because of this glitch where spaces disappear randomly. That’s okay if it’s only 1 or 2 pages of paper. But imagine 172 pages with charts and other visuals and those spaces can really mess things up. I suggested we move to LibreOffice, but yeah, I’m alone in that.