Can't view Flash embedded videos on websites with CD

Hello Everyone! CD newbie HERE :wink:

Been using CD for quite a while! (and chromium secure also.)

i still cant view Flash embedded videos on websites with CD. but with chromium secure i can.
it is very strange.

i tried the work around… installed google chrome… etc…

disabled the adobe flash player on the plug-in in and left only the pepperflash plug in enabled…

now in CD the page does not crash anymore but the video Wont show up!
it’s a blank space where the video should be. ( video does not load)

and the direct link to adobe flash player download from adobe site still does not work…
the page keeps trying to load but to no avail.

it is the only thing that is messed up in comodo dragon!
strange thing on the chromium secure it all works! strange no???
is this issue gonna be resolved in Version 41 of CD?

im on windows 7 ( 64Bit)
use avast free anti-virus 2015 and Malwarebytes anti-Malware Pro.

tanks in advance!

Hello Madruk. I split your post from the release topic of Chromium Secure and moved it here to the help board.