Can't use Windows update! [Resolved]

Hi there,

I just read another thread where a user experienced a similar problem. One mod pointed out “svchost.exe” as the reason for that problem.

I don’t have this program inside the “Component Control Rules” monitor. What do I do?

I updated successfully with the FW off, but I’d like to fix this issue.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi gesc,

you need to check the “Application Monitor” and ensure svchost has access to [UDP, out, port 53] and [TCP, Out, ports 80 & 443]. This is necessary for Custom or Automatic MS updates.


Thx for your reply.

I saw that stuff you mentioned but here’s what the application monitor actually shows:

Not sure about the ports stuff you mentioned. I guess enabling svchost.exe is enough, right?



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Yes, the blocked svchost is the problem. Try allowing it then see if that works. It should, as long as you have Network monitor rules set up to allow TCP traffic out to ports 80 & 443, and UDP out to port 53.

Hi again,

I have attached screenshots for you to check everything is correct.

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Last one.

Thx for stepping in an helping.


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Hi again gesc,

those rules look fine. Are you able to connect to the MS Update site now?

Yeah it did. :slight_smile: