Can't use the Cisco webvpn when i turn on application monitor

As sometimes I have to connect to my company intranet, I use Cisco Webvpn at home through ADSL. The problem is that I can’t connect the Cisco webvpn when turn on application monitor, but if turn off the application monitor, the connection will be OK.
I have allowed agent.exe and gui.exe which are in the webvpn folder.
My Comodo firewall version is, and the Comodo Certified Applications Database Version is 3.0.
Could someone help me?
Thank you in advance!

Are there any relevant entries in the logs?

Hi, Panic, thank you for your reply. I can’t identify which log entry is related with this problem.
And, now I’m in my company, I try to connect webvpn in the intranet, it seems ok. So, the problem doesn’t appear in the intranet. I will try again when I go home in 3 hours.

the webvpn connects successfully when I use comodo firewall version 3.0, so I will use 3.0 from now on. :SMLR

Out of curiousity, did you have to tweak it, or did it just work, out of the box?

Ewen :slight_smile: