Can't use system restore or reformat computer "Not admin"

Hey guys, I am logged in as an Admin (see picture0) and when I try to use system restore a message comes up (See picture1). I’ve tried doing this in safe mode Also, same messages…What I’d really like to do is have a clean up of my computer, I haven’t formatted that in a long while, I can’t do that either! Say’s im not an admin. (see picture2)

Would really appreciate some help! :slight_smile:

System: Windows xp home edition service pack 2 (legit)
running programs: CPF3

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Should I follow these instructions?

Are you installing Windows through Windows ? :o 88) ???

Install it normally - when PC is booting up ;D

Follow those instructions :slight_smile:

You’re in trouble .

You reformatted Windows on bootup right?

Are you sure the disk isn’t corrupted?

I’m going to follow the instructions of the link I posted. I haven’t done anything, Yet. If I’m not on in a couple of days… You know why :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

Can someone please run me through my internet connection again?

I know the DNS settings. That’s about it… I know where to put them - As for setting up my IP etc, I don’t know.

Something in the cmd.exe as Ipconfig and Iprenew.

Can someone please share some light :slight_smile:

Yey, Everything is all good! It was my first reformat I have ever done…Everything went pretty smoothly, even the internet connection. Only problem I had was finding the ■■■■ network drivers on the cd. Everything is running very smoothly :slight_smile:

Great !!! I’m glad everything went fine for ya :slight_smile: Now grab nLite and make another and way better install CD ;D
C’mon !

Haha, that’s really unfamiliar territory for me. Should I update to SP3? or stick with sp2

Not a big difference :slight_smile: But of course - having latest updates is good :smiley:

There were some ranting about SP3 screwing up comps, but I’ll say you should update :slight_smile:

Thank you commodus for joining me on my journey. lol - It’s now almost 5 am for me, I need to get some shut eye as my brother is moving house tomorrow and I need to help.

Can a Mod please delete this thread.

We can lock it.