Can't use service backup

Hi, I downloaded Comodo Backup and installed it on my PC (win 2k, SP4). The schedule jobs work fine if I select “User Backup”. But they don’t work if I select “Service Backup”. Do anyone know how to make the Service Backup work? Thanks.

I installed this software on 4 diffents computers with the same configuration (WinXP Pro SP2 FR and EN) and I have the same problem.
I can’t make it works as a system service. I sent email to support but did not get answer yet (I posted my email 2 weeks ago ??? but I understand that they will not put thier priority on a free software)

The sotware have the good features, but this little problem is killing me! :-\

The services icons are there but they simply look disabled and there’s not service running under Backup or Comodo…

If anyone find something, please let me know! :slight_smile:

It seems BackUp service “ComodoBackupService” could not be installed on system for some reasons. We have few more users complaining the same we are looking into it and will soon be able to comeup with a fix that can be downloaded through updater.

Is it possible to install the service manually as it’s not installed on my PC either.

To install service manually you can go to DOS console and from there change directory to where Comodo BackUp is installed and just run following:
“CmdBkSvc.exe /install”
It should install service in your system and in case you want to un-install use following:
“CmdBkSvc.exe /uninstall”