Can't use Internet Explorer!

I’ve just reinstalled my whole system, including CFP, every driver for the system in place. But whenever I launch IE and click allow on the popups the dialog and browser freezes. I can only use Firefox. I forgot to backup my CFP file, ■■■■■■, so I had to go online for a couple of minutes to download CFP. Could it be some hacker managed to ■■■■■ it up for me just for this short time. Also Windows slows down to a crawl whenever I reboot. I have to chose shut down instead of reboot to be able to load up Windows. Also whenever CFP starts after a bootup everything shows red (Protection poor) for a minute before it shows excellent.

I’m wondering if more people have had issues connecting with IE and how they fixed it. I would prefer to not have to reinstall my whole system just because of this! (:AGY)

Of course I could ditch IE and just use Firefox as I usually do, but I’m just worried my system has been compromised and maybe even my firewall been hijacked. :frowning:

After you reinstalled the OS, did you remember to install the chipset drivers? Check “Device Manager” for clues. To get there, go to Start → Run, type: devmgmt.msc and click OK.
If anything is not installed properly, the device will be prefixed by a black exclamation mark inside a yellow circle. If you see one and it’s an “Unknown Device”, go to Start → Run, type: msinfo32 and click OK. In the menu on the left, go to “Components” → “Problem Devices” to find out what it is.

For other problems, check “Event Viewer”. The system logs an event both for errors and normal operation, but errors can be found in the System submenu and are prefixed with a white X inside a red circle or a yellow warning triangle. Open those for clues. To get to Event Viewer, go to Start → Run, type: eventvwr.msc and click OK.

The only errors I found is that a USB device is not installed correctly in the Device Manager. I made sure to download, install end test the latest drivers for all my hardware, then I backed them up on a USB memory before I reinstalled my system. Everything went smooth until I had installed Catalyst Control Center. I got a message that I needed .NET framework 2.0 for the application to work, and then it screwd up my desktop colors so I had to roll back to my previous drive for my graphics card.

When looking in the logs for the system it only shows errors for the ATI device, which should be my graphics card. Also a few yellow triangles with ‘!’ in them on DHCP, but I guess those only means I had decabled my internet adapter a little back and forth. I found I could only restart Windows by switching off my broadband modem, otherwise windows freezes while it boots. It doubt it’s because of the new driver I installed for my network adapter, because I had no problems before I reinstalled my OS.

I’m thinking about a complete reinstall of the system and then wait with the catalyst drivers until I have .net framework 2.0 installed.

Sigh! 88)

I found out what was preventing me from booting with my modem on. I had to turn off legacy USB in BIOS! I don’t know what this is for exactly, because I don’t seem to need it for my USB memory to work. Still, it didn’t cause any problems BEFORE I reinstalled the OS, so I don’t know why it did now.

Anyway, something is screwing up my Firewall when trying to run Internet Explorer. :frowning:

It looks like I’ve found the culprit for both my problem with IE and rebooting of Windows. It seems it was the driver for my network adapter. It was supposed to be the right one, but it was a bad one. (:TNG)