Can't use firewall, can't uninstall firewall - Update 10

I have used COMODO Firewall (my only COMODO product installed) for around 3 years without any problems, just yesterday the program asked me to update to the most recent version, and started the download process. At the installation it got stuck on 85% progress for 3 hours, then I clicked to cancel. The cancel button hadn’t done anything after 1 hour, so I tried clicking it again with no success and ended just closing the update window.

When I started my pc today the program seemed completely corrupt, I tried to open it but it said something went wrong and that the program was trying to fix the errors. After a loading screen the window says “Couldn’t fix the errors, try something else” or something like that. I then tried to uninstall the program but it was impossible since 1 - It doesn’t even appear on REVO uninstaller list, 2 - windows isn’t able to do anything to uninstall it, it doesn’t seem to find the uninstall .exe or something.

I found a .bat file published here that seems to try to uninstall everything ‘manually’ but it seems like the tool isn’t for the Firewall, but for the antivirus.

I’d appreciate it greatly if someone provided me with some help, thank you for reading. :-La

Try the removal tool (aka mentioned batch file).

I only have the firewall installed, the batch tries to delete files that don’t exist related to CIS, and shows a bunch of errors. All I need is a way to uninstall the program (and clear anything that is left), I can’t even find any tool to do that. Is there a COMODO support team? If so I would try contacting them.

edit: Seriously, this update blew my computer completely. I can’t connect to the internet since the update. It obviously has something to do with this and I have no idea what is going on.

edit2: Sadly, I cannot restore my system to an older date. I tried doing it to 07/04 but my OS says, after restarting, that it wasn’t able to restore. I’m sure now that the internet problem is related - my phone and other computers work fine. “DNS Server is not responding” is all I get from windows.

Machados, a couple of things:

When windstorm said to use the removal tool and you said “I only have the firewall installed, the batch tries to delete files that don’t exist related to CIS” that is OK because the Firewall is part of the CIS so it will take care of it. The tools work as it has worked on over 20 systems I manage and all Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Let’s do this slowly.

Can you use another machine since you said your system cannot connect to the Internet?

Which Windows version are you using and is it 32 or 64 bit?

Can you still see Comodo Firewall in the Add/Remove programs list?

When you ran the tool did you run it in Safe Mode?

For your internet connection, check that you have removed the Comodo driver

I hadn’t thought about that, fixed it, thanks a lot Plo!

About the first part - got it! I typed the other reply through my phone, but I do have access to other computers.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit if that helps. I can’t see Comodo in the windows Manage/Remove programs list, neither in Revo’s list. The program is completely installed (although corrupt), it just doesn’t appear in those.

I didn’t run the tool in safe mode, you mean after booting the pc, right? I will try that. Thank you so much for helping!

OK, it says that if you are using a 64-bit Windows that it may not show up in Revo. Maybe why you see this.

So in step two it sounds like you got the first tool which is good. Yes, reboot and then F8 to enter safe mode. Once there run the tool. Select #1 then Enter. Then do #2 and enter. Once done to reboot press 9 and enter and then go back to your normal desktop.

From here you should not have any Comodo folders left. Now try installing Comodo again, but look at the screenshots here when you get to them to install just the Firewall

Once you click Components you will see then this

Uncheck GeekBuddy and Dragon so that you only install the Firewall (unless you want those). Then install and you should be good to go

Also run this just in case Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed - Microsoft Support

I succesfully uninstalled it, thanks a lot everyone for the help. Also I will surely save that tool here futuretech!