can't use cavs properly yet? here's a solution.

because of the bugs, you can’t use cavs the right way. but melih said rootkits got stopped when tested by cavs beta 2. so you’re going to have to use another anitvirus program while waiting. also, this isn’t always a gurantanee(i got 3 trojans in my computer). isn’t there a soultion to that.

btw, is there any antivirus programs you can suggest?


Yes the current version of CAVS beta has a lot of bugs but the next beta is in development and will hopefully be released soon when it comes out of testing. As for now you can use avast! Home Edition which is free for non-commercial use.

So does CAVS not conflict with anything yet?


The current CAVS Beta has the normal conflicts with other antivirus applications, but I believe it conflicts with some other apps as well such as Spyware Guard.

I installed version of comodo antivirus, but when I make the virus scan it gets stopped after a few minutes. I mean that after about 3-5 minutes, always at the same folder, the timer keeps going on, but the scan does not.
The problem is due to the bug of the version and so I have to wait until the next beta?

CAVS 1.x Beta seemed to have some problems scanning large files (I had trouble with some files that contained a couple Gigs of images). It would do just that - hang.

I believe that is something addressed with CAVS 2.x Beta. I’m using 2.x and haven’t had that problem yet.