Can't use CAV &CFW together? I don't get it...?

I’m baffled.
I was using comodo firewall, and some other AV software. I had some trouble with the AV software (MSE), so i got rid of it. I tried to install CAV instead. Turns out it has somehow removed the comodo firewall during installation. I re-installed the comodo firewall, and it disables/removes the comodo AV!

I don’t get it anymore… Why can’t I use both of them?

So you’ve downloaded them both separately and tried to install them?

There is no need to do that. You can either download CIS which contains both, or go to Program → Comodo Firewall Pro → Add and Remove Components and add the AV to the firewall. (The AV does come with the firewall, it just isn’t installed by default)

Thank you I’ll try that.
Non-the-less, it is strange… ???

Coming to think about it. It is odd that when installing the CAV it does not see CFP nor that it does not offer to integrate the two together.

That’s what I recall from using Norton ages ago. You could install the firewall and later the AV and it would be integrated.

Thinking a bit more makes it even more strange as CIS, CAV and CFP installers hold the exact same files and only the installer scripts differ.

You could consider transforming your surprise in a wish in Wishlist - CIS board.

I used your suggestion and it all works like a charm now…
Thanks alot!