Can't upload/send in certain files/data...

when I click send in data/files (scripts etc.)it can’t send in some data/files (the error code has something to do with encryption of those data/files but they are not encrypted!).
Therefore I post in here the data/files so that you comodo stuff member can check them up pls?
from C:/programData/Comodo/Cis/tempscrpt/

some of that data/files are from privazer-cleaning tool but some others I don’t have a clue from what/which they belong and what they do- advice help would be nice.


Hello Comodo team,
someone here?

BTW the error code message is: "Upload failed(0x80004005)-Unknown Error - but I know 100% it has to do with encryption

Script Files located at 'C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\tempscrpt' are essentially Fileless Scripts turned into files by Comodo’s Embedded Code Detection feature, which are then isolated/blocked by Auto-Containment.
You can safely delete the contents of this folder, there is no point in submitting them to Comodo for analysis.

I was wondering too what the purpose of that "C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\tempscrpt" directory was.
Useful to know.
Thanks. :-TU

You are welcome :), I think they should made it more clear that it is in fact “Embedded Code Detection” acting in such situations, and perhaps give another more self-explanatory name to this “tempscrpt” folder (not sure of what to name it).
I had to discover by myself (e.g testing with Checkpoint Checkme Endpoint Test, or Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller) that they were essentially Fileless Scripts getting captured by Embedded Code Detection feature, which was then further confirmed by reading Forum posts of moderators about this folder.

Not very user friendly or intuitive I guess.