Can't upgrade firewall version 3.14 to 4 on XP

Just wasted at least one and a half hours trying unsuccessfully to upgrade from Comodo firewall version 3.14 to the latest version. Installation appeared to go smoothly on repeated attempts then failed at the last stage, saying it was unable to install.

I have used System Restore and now have version 3.14 running again.

I am using XP SP3 with latest patches. Other security programs running: Avira antivirus and Rapport.

Any suggestions?

If would appear the Jeffg is not the only one having issues with this. I have XP with the latest service packs and updates. I’ve been running CIS 3 for years with no issues. I go to upgrade to v4 this morning… The installation all appears to go fine… that is until I restart my machine and try to actually use it. It just locks up and spits all these error messages at me. I’ve spent most of the day trying to clean up the mess left behind by CISv4 and have reverted back to CISv3. From the looks of the other comments in the forum on v4 this would be my recommendation to anyone. Just uninstall v4 and go back to v3.

It has been said many times, the best method is a clean install.
I just did that to the GF’s sister’s (old) XP computer.
No issues during nor after install.
Working as it should.

I appreciate that the previous poster is trying to be helpful, but for a lot of people a phrase like “do a clean install” is meaningless technical bumpf and they will be none the wiser. I am reasonably computer literate so I probably could fix the problem by doing it that way but I am not going to. The folk who have written the Comodo software are obviously very smart and I am extremely grateful that they have been generous enough to offer much of it for free; but if they can’t offer a pain free upgrade procedure for non-technical users, something is not right. I am pretty sure that the last version but one of the firewall is still way better than most other firewalls available so I’ll simply stick with it.

Let’s hope that Comodo realises that there is a big problem for a minority of their users and addresses the issue soon.

I agree with you jeffg, but I also think that it is just a matter of time before this problem is satisfactorily adressed by the comodo team. Considering the amount of work and progress already done on so many great, free products, I am sure comodo team is working on it and it’s only a matter of time. But as you know, nothing can be done overnight, so untill then, I hope this helps: