Can't update

Not possible to download the swedish version of comodo firewall, tried for two days now.
Can’t even connect to the site. Neither by the update function in the program or by a webbrowser.

And there are no alternative places to download the swedish files.

It is a bit funny though, that you can’t access a website powered by a security company. Is their security level to high?


Same problem here.
I’m trying to update but it’s very slow. :’(
Autoupdater connect and start downloading but it is so slow I get a connection time-out every time I try to update. I’m using the English version.

I succeeded to download the Dutch version of CPF.
Now I’m running version 2.4 of CPF.
Had to configure CPF again though :’(
Luckily I had taken a screenshot of my old version ;D
So now I’m happy again… :wink:

Yes there is :slight_smile:

Check out the swedish forum:,64.0.html

A guy posted a link to a alternative download there (the swedish addon module), so you can download the english version (try Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows - ) and then you can download the swedish addon)

Or PM me and I can send you the addon (1,6 MB) thru mail