Can't Update VirusDatabase with Version 3.10.102363.531

Hi everybody,
I’m still using an old version (for over one year, maybe more) of comodo and can’t update…when I try absolutely nothing is happening. So is my Version still supported?
I tried the new Version and only had problems with it. And now I can’ update with the old one.

Please help

I suggest you to uninstall current version with Revo Uninstaller and after restart install the latest (5.3).

As I said, I had only problems with the new version!

Is it possible to make an update of the virus database with my old version?

Hi bluehorn. Sorry to hear of your problems. My guess would be support for old version has ceased. The new version is a good product and it is a pity you have had problems. Totally removing old as deadman said before installing new could solve any issues, failing that. If you give a detailed description of your operating system and the problems you have encountered with the current version we will all do our best to help. I am sure you would appreciate the current version if we could sort your problems out for you. Good luck and Kind regards.

WOW, what a friendly reply…
Hi captainsticks :slight_smile:

The problems I had with the new version had probaly to do with the level of security, it was adjusted to.
I don’t remember if I had chosen the level, or if this was the standard level…anyway when I remember right I was was more engaged with Comodo than with anything else on my computer. Permanently I had to make decisions.
When I installed the old version (1 or 1 1/2 year ago), everything was right from the start, and I had no infection for over a year. So I can’t see, that actual the free version is better than the old one. One day a guy, who is working for the computer security of a bank…told me, that it all depends on the regulary update of the virus databse. The update of the program itself is at least for privat persons is in these days not so important.
But…which level would you recommend for a person who is not paranoid, and doesn’t want to bothered by his firewall?

P.S.: And why are so many people complaining about incomplete updates of the virus database?

Version 3 hasn’t been supported since around October.

You really ought to give version 5.3 a try. It really is very quiet in terms of alerts.

Hi again. The settings I use are close to default for Cis with the exception of auto update which I like to do manually and maybe a few other fiddles which I can’t remember. This seems to work for me with very little user interaction required. The new version has quite a number of security enhancements over the older versions including cloud lookup for unrecognized files, rootkit scanning and quite a lot of minor improvements. Database updates in all versions does help to a certain extent for security, but it also helps with usability cutting down on alerts. If you do decide to try the new version as you come across excess alerts with default settings I am sure myself or some more experienced users on the forum would be glad to help.
P.s. I have also noticed a lot mentioning incomplete updates myself included, in most cases it does seem to be only a temporory issue which resolves itself in most cases.
I think it appears if sometimes a server gets overloaded and in my case it seems to be time related. If I have trouble updating database which is very rarely now is seems to be early evening, which is possibly location orientated due to everyone here just getting home from work and turning their systems on.
I do hope you give the current version a try and I hope it works the way you like. Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks and all others too :slight_smile:
Meanwhile I installed the actual CIS suite and as I mentioned, it’s bothering!
I’m using REAPER, a audio sequencer or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). When I executed REAPER the first time after having istalled CIS, a window popped up in the taskbar, telling me, that REAPER will be executed in the sandbox “WITH LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY” whatever this means. And before I was able, to say don’t isolate REAPER anymore, the window vanished!!!

  1. I dont know what a sandbox is
  2. I dont know, why there is not enough time to prevent CIS to run something in the sandbox… when you just finished with reading, then the window vanishes.

Can somebody help me?

P.S.: Sorry for my probably bad english, my german is much better!

You may consider using light HIPS (I recommend WinPatrol) if you find Comodo’s bothering. In that case, you must have an AV and firewall. This text may clarify to you what HIPS is and whether you need it/can handle it.

In Partially Limited, the application is allowed to access all the operating system files and resources like clipboard. Modification of protected files/registry keys is not allowed. Privileged operations like loading drivers or debugging other applications are also not allowed.

Read the Introduction to the Comodo sandbox.

You don’t have time at all; CIS automatically sandboxes unrecognized files. You can manually move them to Trusted Files and they won’t be sandboxed again.

Hi everybody,
Due to the freindly help I found a way to make CIS usable for me.

Many Thanx to


To Bluehorn. Thankyou for your kind remarks, Glad all is working ok. Kind regards.