Can't update virus definitions before scanning - Comodo Rescue Disk

When i boot CRD and choose to scan - doesn’t matter if it’s Quick Scan, Custom or Full - the virus definitions aren’t updating. The process starts of course, i see this screen:

but the download manager doesn’t download definitions - it’s 0% instead of what’s on the image and no files are getting downloaded - and just proceeds with scan.

I’m connected to the Internet, by ADSL, and I’m able to browse webpages. Also I can check for CRD updates itself (Tools → Check for updates), but can’t update virus definitions.

I’m using latest available CRD compilation.

I have the same problem …

Now I try to download manually the ‘virus definition update’ …

It’s interesting question because i need to execute it on a PC without internet connection.

How i can manually download all latest definition and how i can use all in this computer ?

I have try to run this on another pc connected to internet… but there no option to lauch the definition update manually… for now i have lauch a custom scan, deleselect all my hard disk and i choose to scan only the memory and the definition it’s been downloaded but now ??
I can copy the CCE forlder on a USB Pendrive and i can use on pc without connection or not ?

Hi guys ;D

Try this it may help