can't update virus database

Since I know you’re gonna ask:
Old version: 1
CopyRt: 2004-2009 Comodo
Prod.Ver.: 3.14.130099.587
Ser. #: 55320967A5B44c66BAA981A0BFB629A8

Did you actually run the installer program? ???

However the notice of last update in older version has now changed to: [i]Never Updated[/i]. But IT stills pops up the warning window for any other updates. Reading through these posts, I can see that I will need to dump the older version.

Would appreciate some input on how to do that without harming new version. Will I need to remove it from same CIS program folder? Also, when old version is removed will I be getting textboxes during PC start-up, telling me something is missing. Because last time I cleaned out Comodo’s hold queue of potential threats, something with a .DLL extension was dumped (I have no idea what) so everytime I boot up, 2 text-windows pop up telling me something “vital” is missing. They appear to belong to a toolbar I deleted; but I cannot figure out how to make them go away.

It looks like you were not using the uninstaller for toolbar when you got those alerts. Is that a correct assumption?

After installing CIS you need to download the latest full database. It is about 88 MB in size so it can take a while on a slower connection. After this download you need to reboot and it will then download the latest incremental updates (only several hundreds of kB

On a side note if you want to do a clean install of CIS you can uninstall it and use this clean up tool after the reboot to get rid off possible left overs.

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