can't update virus database

I’m yet another one having these problems. It says “database not initialized”.

Just purchased…using 3.12 in Vista on new Toshiba laptop.

Windows Defender turned off, and have re-booted.

I’m not too technical, but can find my way around if someone can direct me to a fix. I’ve searched everything here that has “initialized” in it already, and nothing has worked.


Can you see what datbase the AV is loading? Look under Miscellaneous → About for the AV database number.

Well, that’s interesting…it says “0”.

So I guess it didn’t download, or didn’t install?

I’m not at home and anything having to do with this purchase, I will not have access to! Hope I don’t need any of that.

It looks like CIS didn’t download the AV database. The database on a clean install is a dummy database.

Try updating the database manually. Go to Anti Virus → Update my database.

The initial database is approx 104 MB in size. That can take quite a while depending on your connection. During the download the progress indicator will stay at 30%. That is confusing. When you want to keep an eye on the download go to Firewall → Common tasks → View active connections and look at cmdagent.exe. after downloading it will ask to reboot. After that you will see the progress indicator slowly but steadily go up.

thanks for responding.

I did exactly what you’re suggesting, but uninstalled and reinstalled first. Works great now!

One thing I did notice - my other install showed verison 3.12. When I reinstalled from the same exact setup file, it came up 3.11. How could that be?

Anyway, I updated that too, so it’s all good now.


Glad it worked out for you.

One thing I did notice - my other install showed verison 3.12. When I reinstalled from the same exact setup file, it came up 3.11. How could that be?
That's odd. Are you really sure you started the installer of 3.12?

Is there a possibility that the virus database would be available as a separate file? So that - first of all - the actual progress of the download would be visible, and - second - it could be paused without loosing anything?

Or another way around - could these options be implemented into the interface of the antivirus? It would really help people who see this darn 30% of progress and don’t know what’s going on… : )

The 30% progress is very confusing. I can only hope the upcoming v4, that will bring a new GUI and usability enhancements, will also do better with this.

Having a similar problem. Installed version 3.5.54375.427 and got the virus database updated to version 994, but this was at the beginning of the month and I can not get the virus database to update again. It consistently fails on manual and automatic at 5%. Can you help me please?

Version 3.5 is extremely old. It’s an incompatible database format than the current release. (3.13.126709.581) It’s also an old enough version that you won’t be able to auto-update to the latest version. You’ll need to uninstall it an manually install the newest version.

You can download the latest version here.
Firewall AntiVirus Software Free Download from Comodo™

Unfortunately the official update page is still one version behind. If you already installed that version please use the program updater to update to the latest version.

Otherwise you can choose to download the latest version from COMODO Internet Security 3.13.126709.581 Released.