Can't update to 3.8

Yesterday my automatic update started and I think I might have cancelled it by mistake (I was doing several other things when the pop-up appeared).

After that I tried to do a manual update which appeared to start and then failed saying that I had lost my connection (I hadn’t lost my connection).

I just tried to do a manual update again and now it says:
There are no updates available

My current version is:

I’m running Windows XP with service pack 2

Any suggestions of what I should do?

Hey there and welcome to the forums (:WAV),

An program update to the newest version isn’t yet there. It will come next week, so you can stay on this version, or uninstall and download the newest version

I hope I could help,


The auto update will be available next week. Currently only the installable version is available.

Thanks guys.

I thought I’d messed something up.

I’ll wait until next week then :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t this have resolved by now? Yesterday, I received notices that updates were available, but I did not proceed. Today, I don’t receive the notices, and when I check for updates, with 2 computers having the 3.5 version mentioned above, I am told that no updates are available. Why aren’t the updates available?