Can't update signature database at the moment.

Can’t update signature database at the moment.

To avoid confusion ignore this:
Gives me a 404 error.

Seems OK to me. It’s probably just a temporary glitch with your local (geographically located) servers.

But, on its own probably will give a 404 error because index.htm/html doesn’t exist at that URL and the URL isn’t used like that anyway. That URL usually contains a full path and filename (even if it’s silently added by CIS or something else).

For example…

… works just fine (for me).

This is a entry from my log:
2013-03-05 19:13:42
Av Update
2013-03-05 19:13:44
0x80072efd (Unknown error 0x80072EFD)
Old database 15441
New database 15441

And my geographic location is Denmark GMT+1 if it helps anyone :slight_smile:

Your best way is to ping

This will show if it is available, rather than trying to open as a webpage.


Edit Added screenshot.

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Well the server(And site) is there, so it will respond to a ping.
But theres something broken on the back-end.
And like kail said it’s likely geographically based.
So someone got to look into it server side.