Can't update SAS definitions

I cannot update my SAS definitions since the last program update of SAS. Everything was working before that, but I’m not sure if comodo is blocking the update requests. Both SuperAntiSpyware and SSUpdate64 are trusted files. However, I noticed some errors (not sure if they are errors but I’ll call them that) in the defense+ events. See screenshots below

Also, I went and looked at the computer security policy for superantispyware and it is a custom policy, I’m not sure it is set correctly (although I can’t remember having ever changed it.) See screenshot below

Any advice on what is going on?

Did I post this in the wrong place, or did I post incorrectly? Or, has nobody seen this problem before?

I thought one thing I could try is to set everything in the SuperAntiSpyware custom policy to “allow” and then see if it works, and then block them one at a time to see if I can isolate what is causing this problem. Of course, if setting everything to allow doesn’t allow me to update the definitions, then I will have a bigger problem. Does this seem logical or am I not even close?


Have you tired giving the SSUpdate64 the installer/updater rule instead of trusted?

No, I haven’t tried that, but that is a good idea. Superantispyware.exe is allowed to run SSUpdate64 in the defense+ rules, but SSUpdate64 does not have a ruleset so maybe it is being blocked from running. I just wonder why it was working before and all of a sudden it has quit. I’ll try that when I get home from work.