can't update program file or anti-virus image in CIS

I am having trouble with an update that won’t allow new antiovirus images (get an error that says internet connection is bad…it seems to work just fine) and I can’t update to the latest program file (get and error 108?..again bad internet connection). I have uninstalled nmerous times, run registry cleaners…rebooted, run cleaners…deleted every reference to comodo in file structure, reloaded…same thing…cna’t update antivirus or program files. Do get message saying updates available. Running XP service pack 3 and this prohgram was running just fine before I applied the upgrade (Windows firewall disabled, and no other antivirus running). I hate to think about a total re-image of the machine…that would be ugly. Any hints appreciated. Thanks in advance.

What version of CIS are you using?