Can't update in the limited user to do it?

We have 2 accounts on our pc, my Admin account and my wife’s limited user account. We can’t get the update in the limited user account. I looked up the guidelines on how to go about it but need to confirm some things. The guideline says “First of all you need to be Logged in as an Administrator in Windows XP”. Does this mean I have to convert the limited user account first to an Admin account or can I just do the procedure in my own Admin account? I tried to follow the procedure under my own admin account but I was lost in following “Check the boxes marked “Write” and “Modify” for the BOC425 folder so that it can be updated by “limited users” or whoever happens to be online when an update is available” simply because I cant see the Limited user account among the choices on which account I want to give permission to “write” and “modify”. Can you guide me again step by step please. Thanks!