can't update Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware

I can't update  Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware ,but i like this soft very much,so ,i hope it can update by proxy,because i am not connect to internet directly.

T hanks! (:SAD)

I’m facing the same issue at work: we also use a proxy to connect to internet.

Have you looked at the online help/support documentation (button in the configuration screen takes you there)?



I can’t update too and I don’t know why.

Time too short to try to update, but the firewall is ok, after half a second, the message tells me there is no connection ?
Spyblocker pro as proxy ?

How to do please ?
Thank you.

CBO uses Passive FTP to remote/destination port 21.

I don’t know if you need to do anything within your proxy program, to allow these types of connections, since it’s not using the browser. I’ll see if I can stir up some more help.

BTW, do you get any sort of error from CBO when you can’t update? Do you get any popups/alerts/messages from your FW?


To be honest… I like the way V422 updates better. It will tell you if there id a update or not. This version dose nothing, it’s almost as it is freezing up.

Do you have a proxy, dwax?

No proxy nothing has changed, all I did was update from v422 to 423.

Have you updated your firewall settings to address the new application?


gave it access the first time I used it. It updates, it is just not like the v422 It would tell you there is an update. Ans if there was non it would say so.

Here’s what I get when I manually try to update with Vista.

There are others too that also get the same.

Auto update works fine.

I just thought I would stop by and let those know that you can manaully update Comodo BOClean if you click on start and select the Updater in the startup folder. That one does work.

But really there is no need to do this because Comodo BOClean auto updates anyway. You will find the auto update in configuration. I set mine to 5 minutes after bootup.

I can update it when i connect to the internet directly,
but when i use a proxy to connect to internet,it can’t… ( two network connection here)
I am not install a Firewall ,and close the xp sp2 FW,too.

So BOClean is able to connect via direct-connection to the internet and perform updates. But if you use your proxy server, it cannot connect.

Let me check with the dev team to see if there is a way to configure CBO for use with a proxy server.


I think the Comodo BOClean need to add a update setting ,then we can choice use a proxy to update or not. (:KWL)