can't update cfp becouse of ie

hy.recently my internet explorer browser,my yahoo,messenger stoped working and i can’t update comodo firewall becouse he is using ie(what a bad idea).my firefox is working perfect ,in fact i don’t care about ie,but i/m concerned about cfp not beeing able to update,and i want to use messenger also.I know ie is to blaim here,but as i discovered on a help forum there are others having this problem. i shut down cfp but the problem with ie persists.I asked for help for ie and yahoo messenger on another site but mu question is can i update cfp using another method??Also As far as prevx csi free,and avira premium say my pc is clean.

Need a bit more info here… It looks like one of your other security programs is interfering with CFP at a guess. I don’t really know what components Avira Premium includes, but I would guess that it is the culprit. There is usually a way to tell security software to ignore/exclude/safe list other software. Try looking at Avira’s help file for the way to do that and see if it helps. You should also look at the View Firewall Events page and see if CFP is blocking IE or some other safe software.

Hy after a bit of strugle and much help ,the problem was a microsoft update.Everything is ok now but i have one more question,don;t want to start a new thread and a simple answer would be great.I like the firewall doesn’t seem to have bugs for me except minor ones,but the problem for me is defence+.Before cfp 3 appeared for about a month i’ve used cfp 2.4 with threat fire at it was perfect.No conflict between them or avira everything was smooth.Since i installed cfp 3 without defence+,can i install threat fire again? I know defence+ and threat fire are supposed to do the same thing but belive me for me threat fire is more easy to understand than d+.

If you have not installed Defense+, then you should install Threatfire. You need something to protect the CFP processes from a hostile program that might terminate them. I don’t know Threatfire’s abilities, but I hope that it can protect processes in memory.