Can't update Avira Antivir PE

Update.exe which should do that is not detected as a program which wants to connect to Internet. No popup from CPF. Is it fault of Avira or CPF?

Check CPFs log. If CPF blocked it, for whatever reason, it will be in there.

Hi, I use antivir and cpf together. Has comodo made any app rules for antivir? I have 3 appl. rules set for antivir.

It does some rules for Antivir, but don’t want to for update.exe. I’ll give a try and reinstall both CPF and Antivir and then I’ll give you some more feedback :slight_smile:

I did uninstall, cleaned registry, installed again both (first CPF, then Antivir PE), and no effect.

Hi, maybe browse antiVir forum for known update issues. 1 of my rules does allow invisible process
(avnotify.exe).Hope this helps

Since it seems Antivir issue I’ll let it go because… on monday there’s Comodo Antivirus 2 beta :smiley: (B) (R)