can't update any COMODO product

hi all,

i can’t update any COMODO products including CIS free edition, System-Cleaner and can’t register Easy VPN in short i just get
“Failed to update virus signature database, check your connection and try later”

i’m not using any kind of Proxy, everything is normal
i’m using: windows xp sp2
another protection: none but malwarebytes antimalware and SuperAntiSpyware for on-demand scanning and they can update very well.

hope i got a solution here

Mine does the same thing about twice a week and what works for me is to disable the AV and do a restart. For some reason it will update during the boot and when it is finished booting I enable AV and everything is fine ???

but this won’t solve the problem, what about the other softwares???

Can you tell us what versions of the Comodo applications you are running? Consider updating to the latest available versions.

Can look in CIS if you have any entries under My Blocked Network Zones (Firewall → Common Tasks)?

Then look under Defense Plugs → Advanced → Computer Security Policy to see if you have any files running as Isolated or Limited. If one of Comodo’s files is there delete the rule and let CIS make new ones.

Also look under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules to see if there are program blocked. When you find Comodo related files blocked set to Outgoing Only or Web browser.

i have reinstalled CIS now but nothing changed

i’m using the latest versions of all applications except the System-cleaner

nothing of what you mentioned as positive in my CIS

is there any of the startup items or windows services has relation with this???

Can you surf to websites of other security companies? Think AVG, Avast, Symantec, McAfee, NOD32,Trend Micro…? The reason I am asking is that your Hosts file may have been changed by malware. When this kind of thing happens it is not possible to reach their websites as their domains or IP ranges are being blocked.

i’m not infected by any kind of malware i updated and did an mbam scan and SAS scan and COMODO antivirus scan and everything was fine there is no even a tracking cookie in my pc.

i also uninstalled IE and SAS and reinstalled CIS with latest version to be sure but still the problem is there!!!

Hi - I am having problems also downloading updates, I have no option but to have a dial up connection as broadband is not an option where I live, so any large large updates never happen, mine seems to stick at 30% downloaded and then after some time stops and says error with connection. The only error message I have seen is error 109, normally it just says error - any ideas what I can do.
As a thought can I download onto a memory stick from a broadband computer and reinstall on mine - will that make it upto date for the free security options - any help appreciated :slight_smile:

COMODO has serious problems in updating >:(, i hope this will be changed in the version 4

i hope there would be manual signature updating like this one

this will be nice for people like me

Guys i am not a big computer expert and need a help.
actually i can’t update my comodo database in bring the following message

“failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later”
I have no problems with internet connection, my internet connection got really slow and some application are difficult to run as well.

think smth went wrong.

pls advise how can i check and what to do thanks

Please try again. Today there was a transfer for the av update from Comodo’s own servers to third party servers. It is all working again now.

Here are some steps to update your CIS antivirus update:-
Use Downloader with resume feature(it means even if your download stops for any reason, for example 31% when you resume your download it will start from 31% onwards) some of such softwares are orbit downloader, free download manager, etc. they all are free to download and install, now u r ready to use them for better, it will boost your downloading of files 300 to 500%.
It supports all major browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
now go to following link

After download completed, I recommend disconnect your internet connection for a while,
Then Right click on CIS taskbar icon (Right hand bottom of screen) go on Defense+ Disable it, Then Exit CIS, Then Open “Task Manager” go to “Process” tab there you will see process called “cmdagent.exe” Right click on it and end it, when message pop-up would u like to end this process say “YES”,Then Rename BASE_END_USER_v3516.cav file to bases.cav, then copy this file & paste it to by default installation folder of CIS that is C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners
This willl pop-up screen asking whether u like to replace the existing bases.cav file to new one, say “YES”.
Now Restart your pc, after restart Right click on CIS say “open” then you will see main screen of CIS in that go to “Miscelleneous” Tab, Then click on “About”, It willl show you product version & virus signature database version : 3516.
Current Virus signature database version is 3550 So you still have to update to it, but now it will be not so much time consuming.
:a0 I hope this helps.

Devenroy. It is better to point to the Where can i download the latest full AV database? topic. This way people always get the latest bases.cav. It may save them a double download.

Yes Eric that will be good option as well. Thanks for Suggestion.

Thank a lot!!!
actually i did both recommendation, and both wroked!!!
thanks again