Can't uninstall

My computer was running very slow. I looked at the task manager and discovered that CFP.exe was taking up a lot of my processing power. I discovered that was a comodo program so I tried to uninstall the program.

I get an error message about reading from the cfp file - I think.

Then I downloaded the comodo system cleanup tool.

I removed comodo using add remove programs.

I ran the comodo system cleanup tool.

I tried to reinstall comodo firewall I got the following message “an error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:WINDOWS\Installer\CFP_setup.msi”

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

well I downloaded the program that needed to be extracted. After downloading a program to extract the files I extracted the registry cleaner and was able to run that and it fixed the problem.
I installed comodo and for whatever reason the CFP.exe file is now not being a resource hog.

I am having the same problem. I cannot uninstall to reinstall and ii is a ram hog. I am getting the same error message as above mentioned. (C:windows\installer\CFP_Setup.msi) … How do I uninstall. I have tried everything. I have changed my email and have updated to so I can get your reply if you know what to do.

Please help me someone.