Cant uninstall ver 3 to allow ver 4 to install

  1. I have firewall version 3 (28B13EFEB8D744e99FCFAE2751F99104) installed
  2. I accepted the offer to install ver 4
  3. Version 4 installer fails with message to the effect that version 3 has to be unistalled before it can proceed.
  4. When I look in my add / remove programs I find there is no reference to comodo firewall at all (this seems bizarre to say the least). Obviously it cant be unistalled while it is not there, tho it is certainly alive and well in the system as I write.

I am running a fully up to date Vista64 bit system with no other problems that I know of.

I have spent a lot of hours combing the forums but cant see anything that helps me.

Unfortunately I cant find the original version of the 64bit comodo firewall that I installed, which I was going to try to use to “reinstall” a version 3 to see if that would reinstate the add / remove programs but I dont have it. The date I installed the 64bit version was 16/03/2009. It has had all available auto updates since. It tells me it is version 3.14.130099.587

I seem to be in a 'deadly embrace", or a “mexican stand off”, depending on your preferences - I cant remove the existing comodo, and it wont allow me to upgrade it until it is removed.

Can you provide some sort of removal kit, or a back version of the firewall to see if I can reinstall so I can unistall, or anything else that will allow me to move to version 4

I am starting to get very anxious now as I have exhausted my capacity to fix the problem.



Then probably the best bet is to download package of this version and try to “reinstall” it. Then try to uninstall. Maybe this will work.

There is a clean-up tool available to remove traces of cis.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the prompt suggestion.

I had actually done just this after I made the post last night and got to a clean install of version 4.

Unfortunately there were some significant problems with installed programs - mercifully I had imaged C drive before installing this upgrade - so I am back to as though the last 12 hours dont exist (actually squeezed in 6 hours of sleep from 1am).

Inter alia things like invalid memory accesses were occurring, but the real crippler was the apparent disappearance of a dll which seemed to be used by a lot of things. Too busy to persevere now, and am uncertain whether I will change to another product. I have used Comodo since its inception but this release has shocked me.

It did not offer or try to carry forward me prior settings, and more importantly did not tell me it wasnt going to automatically do this. These settings represent many hours of effort and I if I am to lose them I will look at something else.

It also showed in one of the logs that some apps were being sandbagged (werent executing usefully for me either) yet they did not show up in the sandbagged file list.

Most but not all of these issues were resolved when I decided to set security to “clean PC state” which then prompted me to mark the pending files as OK.

Because of the “most” rather than “all” in relation to the missing or hidden dll and (possibly dependent) applications not functioning I am going to take my time and look at alternatives before continueing with Comodo. Shame really, I have recommended it to a lot of people, and would have paid for it apart from this.

Thanks Again