Can't uninstall stupid program without giving it unlimited access to my computer

I wish someone can help me to deal with this:

I have installed a stupid “program” called Audio Studio (actually it doesn’t even seem to work). It seems that it’s published by E-soft, whoever these are.

I want to uninstall it, but when I try to, Comodo Defence+ opens saying that setup.exe or Tarma® Installer requests unlimited access to my computer.

The 3 choices are Sandbox, Allow, or Block.

The most reasonably would be to block, but if I block, then I can’t uninstall this Audio Studio program.

What should I do?


EDIT: If I chose to sandbox, a window from Audio Studio pops up saying “This Setup program requires administrator rights. Please log on as administrator and restart the program”.

ALSO: Sorry for posting this here, I think I should post it in “Defense+” category. Maybe someone can move it if so.

Check it using the methods described here:
How To Tell If A File Is Malicious.

If it’s not dangerous then you can allow it and it will uninstall.

I would hit allow, if you read the pop up right you will see the program asking permission is the uninstaller and it needs it to remove the program.