can't uninstall firewall

Hello I’ve got problem with uninstalling comodo firewall. I used to run CIS full suite but few weeks ago i switched to firewall only with other AV. Now I wanted to get back to full CIS again but I can’t uninstall comodo firewall, it’s not listed in add/remove programs, revo uninstaler can find it either, and I can’t install new CIS without previously uninstaling this one. I also ran diagnostic tool in firewall and it says that there are no problems with instalation. Is there way to uninstall firewall and install full CIS again?

Thanx in advance.

Hi Galijot,
Check the Comodo folder in your start menu for add/remove components entry, if not download a new installer ready here.
Run this unofficial Uninstaller tool for Comodo products to remove faulty install then reinstall.

I’ve checked the Comodo folder in start menu for add/remove components entry and I got this message “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed”. Unofficial uninstaller doesn’t work also. Ran it as admistrator as it says but nothing shortly black screen and it’s gone in a second.

Could you please try the tool in Windows safe mode.

I finally managed to do it with that cis clean up tool batch file and uninstallation of cis firewall driver in network properties :slight_smile: Thanx for help. :-TU

Glad to hear you have the uninstall sorted, all the best with the new installation. :slight_smile: