can't uninstall, erased instalation source

hi, i’ve deleted the origin of the installation, (C:\Windows\Installer …) and now i can’t uninstall the suite, (only for do some testing, i’m not leaving comodo, but i really need to uninstall).
i have comodo internet security v 5.0.163652.1142 updated a few days ago, (nice skin guys!)
when i try to install a new version it does not allow me to do it, it says that i must uninstall comodo i.s. v4.xx before :S.
from the control panel ask me for the source of the installation, which i do not have.
im running win7 64b.

what can i do?, any way of uninstalling the suite?

thanks for all the help.

best regards from argentina.

Best way to go is to use Windows Installer Clean Up Utility and let it remove the CIS installer related information.

Now boot into Safe Mode and run this clean up tool. Now CIS should be gone.

Thank you, it worked perfectly. i also used comodo system cleaner.
I will do some tests and by tomorrow i will install it again.
Thank you again Eric.

Good evening =).