Can't Uninstall due to Username and Password

Hello Staff and Forum Users.

I installed CTM with no problems.As I was using the final for weeks and testing.I would only create 1 or 2 snapshots.I received a low warning for not enough space.I couldn’t delete snapshot (was greyed out) so I thought it was b/c IT thought I wasn’t Admin.Trying to get it to highlight the snapshot to delete,it came to a window to put in a password and re-enter password.I still couldn’t get the snapshot highlighted so I just deleted to baseline.
Somehow check disk ran and now it doesn’t work right. It starts up and icon is in lower right but,I can’t open it.All I can do is uninstall it. It’s asking for Username and password.I don’t ever recall me putting in a username just a password described earlier.
When did I enter a “Username” ???

I know this password. but I can’t figure out Username. I’ve tried Admin and guest to no avail.

I’m running the final and would like to run new update.
Running XP SP3

Appreciate any help in this matter. ;D

Hi, did you try Administrator? Seems that’s default.
hope this helps.

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I’ve tried that.still can’t uninstall. Thanks for your reply… ;D

Hi, TheTaint
I need more detailed infomation to reproduce it.
Could you please contact with me directly?
I will help you to solve the problem.
I have PMed my msn to you.

Best regards.

Did anyone figure this out?

Administrator does not work. Any other ideas?

I eventually got the Username: Administrator to work after I rebooted the system and pressed the Home button as CTM was coming up. It was only after doing this that I was able to successfully be able to put in the Username and Password. Comodo needs to do something to alert people what their Username will be (or that “Administrator” is the default) when they choose the “access control” option and the dangers this option can cause. This is a very bad thing to have if you can’t get back into the program to stop the Snapshots from forming. I had not even had the chance to limit the number of snapshots when this happened so I was really scared that my disk drive would eventually fill up with all of these snapshots (and one of mine is 4,000 MB in size). I would recommend not setting “access control”. Also, you cannot remove CTM from your system without the Username & Password, so proceed with caution. Why Comodo set their program up this way is beyond me. To not be able to remove a program is about the worst thing I can think of. I still have CTM on my system because I am afraid to remove it after all the problems I have read about in these Forums during the uninstall, but I HAVE stopped the automatic snapshots from forming. I hope this will help someone before they are scared out of their minds by this program.