cant unblock an application need help

i try to download somthing using IDM (internet download manager)

however every time i try to download i get the next messege

Permission denied. please check your firewall settings and ensure that IDM has permits to access the internet

so im going to my comodo firewall.

and i press “define new trusted application”

and i im i telling him that idm is trusted program.

how ever i still get the same messege

so what do i do?

First thing to do is stop and restart the firewall. Sometimes, when something is blocked, the firewall holds on to that information, until it’s reset. Failing that, post a screen shot of your firewall Application rules and also any relevant firewall log entries. If you’re using Defence+, you should remove any rules, for IDM, in the Defence+/Computer Security Policy. These can then be recreated next time you use the application.

tryed it. it didnt work still same getting this messege…

Then you’ll need to provide the additional information requested.