Can't turn off PC after installation of Comodo

Hello, I have following problem. I have Win 7 SP1 64bit (with “all” updates). I was previously using a older version of Comodo Firewall and Nod 32 anti-virus (without any problem), I updated Comodo to the latest version of firewall and then my problems started. When I was shutting down or restarting the PC the shutting down process stuck on “Logging off” or on “Shutting down”, even after more then 20 min. the PC did not turned off.
I have uninstalled Comodo Firewall and also Nod 32 and decided to use CIS. Did a registry clean and the PC was shutting down/restarting without problem.

After installing CIS (version: 6.3.302093.2976) I just can’t turn of PC or restart it. When I click on “Shut down” or on “Restart” nothing happen, really nothing. Like I have not even click on Shut down or Restart :frowning: . When I turn of CIS and all his processes via task manager then I can turn off/restart my PC, but the shutting down process stuck once again on “Logging off” or “Shutting down”.

Have someone a idea why this happens or any idea how to fix it?;msg772566#msg772566

Nothing helped :frowning:
I tried the configs from the other forum but without any luck.

So I uninstalled CIS and installed older version of Comodo Firewall (5.12), witch I was using before. Restarting and Shutting down PC worked until I have imported configuration that I have backed up before the first update. From the moment I activated imported configuration I could not turn off or restart PC. I have also imported and activated the config to CIS before. So It looks like the problem was probably a wrong export :-\