Cant turn off firewall, antivirus and behavior blocking + flash player crash

videos (such as those in youtube) do not play on the chrom browser and firefox (both are fully updated) just crash. adobt flash player is up to date as well, and when i try to turn off different components of the antivirus to see if it is the cause of the problem it just flashes the “for how long” window for a moment and doesn’t change.

what is the problem?
how can i solve it?

i did change some of the settings but i dont think i changed anything that can cause that.

update- i restarted my computer several times and the problem was fixed, however i still want to know what caused it.

Try cleaning browser cache and restart browser. Then uninstall Flash completely using this uninstaller from Adobe and install Flash again.

Let us know if that did the trick.

i cleaned firefox cache and restarted the browser, it all works now.