Can't turn Comodo on.

Went to shut computer down this morning and found Comodo options were all turned off. I can’t find a way to turn them back on. Help!! I must add that I am computer illiterate, so please explain in terms a novice can understan. Thanks.


I’m not a bitwizard, and this software is new to me, so I can’t be as specific as you might need… But I had the same problem: All comodo firewall functions (Application monitor etc…) were turned off for some reason and I couldn’t get them back on. Clicking on the ‘Turn on’ radio button did not have any effect, the ‘Turn off’ button just stayed active.

I think I fixed it by turning xp firewall on and restarting my computer. I’m not sure if I did anything else worth mentioning, but after the reboot all functions were turned on again so I shut xp firewall.

Hope this helps you.

:BNC Thank you very much, samppahannikai. It worked although I was scared after it rebooted. Lost 2 inches of viewing space on the left side of the screen, screen flickered, and shut off momentarily. I shut off the Microsoft firewall, rebooted, and it seems to be okay now.

Does Comodo need to be opened and minimized in order to work? I’ve had a problem with Comodo that I wasn’t getting with ZoneAlarm. Quite often I would get a message that my firewall protection was turned off. I would open Comodo, and it showed that it was on so I would minimize it at that time.

Your the third person on here to have all the monitors disabled, it takes a restart of windows to fix it… problem is everytime you close comodo, instead of minimizing, you cant restart comodo without restarting the whole computer.

Are you running multiuser?