Can't turn Comodo back on


This may possibly be the stupidest question ever, but after I stop comodo (which is sometimes necessary to check whether a remote port is being blocked because of the firewall or whether a service is not running), how do I restart it? I’ve tried firing up the application but each component (e.g. Application Monitoring, Component Monitoring) is “Off” and there is no obvious way (other than rebooting) to turn them back on again. I’ve tried clicking through to the security page and selecting the “Turn On” radio button but it does nothing.



Welcome to the forum cressie176,

A reboot is all that you can probably do after the firewall locks up like that but one thing you could do is to just right-click the systray icon and choose “Allow All” and that should let anything in or out and shouldn’t freeze the firewall up. This would bypass the firewall wilthout killing the drivers.

You could then put it back to “Custom” when you are done testing.