Can't Transfer File From Sandboxed to Un-Sandboxed Windows Explorer


I have tried to move a folder from a sandboxed instance of Windows Explorer into an un-sandboxed instance of Windows explorer, but have been unable to do so. (I have not been able to locate instructions either.)

Can anyone help please? :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hi and welcome CrazyHorseNY,
Copy the file/folder to the ‘Shared Space’ folder.
Depending on your operating system, the shared space folder is found in one of the following two locations.
C:\ProgramData\Shared Space
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Shared Space

Opening Files and Running Applications inside the Virtual Desktop-Comodo Help

Sandbox Tasks – Introduction Comodo Help

[b]Open Shared Space[/b] - Opens the folder 'Shared Space' which is shared by your host operating system and the Virtual Desktop. The folder is created by the Virtual Desktop at the location 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Shared Space'. The folder can be opened in both your host operating system and inside the Virtual Desktop, and enables to share files and applications between the OS and the Virtual Desktop.

Hope that helps.

Hi captainsticks,

Thank you for your extremely helpful and useful reply!

But I was wondering, does this mean that I always have to perform two copy-and-pastes in this kind of situation (i.e., 1) copy and paste to the ‘Shared Space’ folder, and then 2) copy and paste from the ‘Shared Space’ folder to the desired folder in the OS)?

Hi CrazyHorseNY,
If the file/folder is created during a Virtual Desktop (Sandboxed) session that you want available to the real system, then it can be created in or saved directly to the ‘Shared Space’ folder.
Then outside the sandbox you can Drag’n’Drop the file/folder to your desired location.

Alternative, you can copy a file/folder during a sandbox session and paste the copy to your desired location once you exit the sandbox.

Hope that helps.

Boy am I an idiot! Regarding your statement,

I should’ve put that simple fact together for myself!

Thanks again!


You are welcome. :slight_smile:
It is often the simple things that are most easily missed.

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