can't submit pending files [RESOLVED]

(:NRD)… Hi,

I’m trying to submit my suspisious files but I always get an error saying “Network error Please check the network connection”.

This isn’t helping me much. I’m running nod32, comodo firewall, boclean and comodo memory firewall. I’ve tried to disable/shutdown everything but I can’t get rid of this error. I’m also using an administrative account. DEP is set to “only windows services”.

I’ve seen other people having the same problem but no solutions.

Please help me!


[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

(:NRD) … Hi,

Problem solved. I started removing every other software I had on my computer till I found out I was running PeerGuardian. Removing it solved the problem. I guess I could have just disabled it as well.

Thanks anyway.