Cant submit or lookup pending files

Like the title says, i cant lookup or submit my pending files… just tells “submission error” any idea?

Same problem here since days.
Lookup doesn’t work at all.
Submitting only sometimes. Mostly after several tries.

I have also seen this every time I submit files. This needs to be resolved.

I have moved this thread to the CIS Bug Report

same problem here…

Have already done a bug report here on this, but this adds weight. Great!

I am monitoring in the mods forum to give Egemen ammunition, and will draw his attention when one week of data obtained (in two days).


The problem is gone here!
Looking up and submitting files is working again as it should :smiley:

Had this too until I did a re-install with the first released version and updated on line to try and resolve some other problems. I now seem to be able to submit files ok XPPro SP2.