can't submit files to Comodo

Hi! Just got Comodo and am very pleased with it. But I’m having a problem. Apparently Comodo detected one or more files it wanted to submit to Comodo for further analysis. But, when it tries to do so, a small window pops up that says: “Network Error - Please check the network connection”. All my other internet stuff is working, could use some advice as to how to fix this.


Welcome to the forums, Spenser!

What you describe sounds unusual, in that it sounds like a Windows message and not a CFP message.

A couple of things to check, to see if this can be isolated a bit more.

First, is there anything in your CFP Firewall, or Defense+, logs? Click Firewall → Common Tasks, Firewall Events.

Second, is there anything in your Windows events log? Click Start → Run, and enter “eventvwr.msc”. That will open up a new window. Click on the “system” to show the machine log, and see if there is anything about network problems.

There are some other things that can be checked, but these two may tell enough of what’s going on.

Hi! Thanks for the ideas, I checked but didnt’ see anything there that looks related. Any other possibilities?
ps Comodo is certainly persistent, even after I reboot it keeps trying to send the files. IF this problem I’m having can’t be resolved, is there anyway to shut off that funcition so I don’t keep getting the messages?

Go to Miscellaneous\ Settings\ Update. Uncheck Automatically submit files in quere.