Can't stop Sandboxing a particular app

I’m very new to Comodo Firewall. I find that even after telling CF that I don’t want a particular app to be Sandboxed, it gets Sandboxed every time. It’s a DOS app, and its .pif file gets flagged for Sandboxing no matter what I do.

Please post a screenshot of the properties box , shortcut tab, of the shortcut by which you open this application.

Many thanks


Actually, now that I notice, the shortcut loads a batch file. I placed all the apps that batch file loads in My Safe Files, except for one: Note that it’s a .com instead of a .exe, and any attempt to place it in My Safe Files results in it not appearing on the My Safe Files list. Could that be the problem? It’s a TSR.

A .com file should be OK

Could you append the batch file to this post please. You will need to zip it first.

Please also reboot, run the app, then post a screenshot of your defence plus event logs, with all information showing.

Please also give us the name of the app, and its vendor, and if known the vendor’s web site.

Best wishes