Can't stop full automatic scan

I have Antivirus set to “Disabled”, so why is Comodo doing a full scan of my computer for many hours, and thrashing all my hard drives, and downloading virus databases, and slowing my computer down? This is annoying.

Eventually Comodo showed me the results of an automatically run full scan, but I have Antivirus turned OFF. I don’t want any scans.

P.S. “Realtime Scan” is unchecked, and no scheduled scans are enabled.

Please share “Full Scan” options screen shot as shown in enclosed snap.

I can’t work out how to upload images.

On the Settings - Antivirus - Scans page, all scans are UNchecked.

Manual scan reports, “Never”
Full scan reports, “Never” (I interrupted the scan that was happening before it finished)
Quick Scan reports 2/24/2018 (Probably when I installed the program)

Annoyingly, I have to put a check mark in the “Full scan” checkbox before I can view the “edit” dialog for that item.
When I bring up the “schedule” screen, “Do not schedule this task” is checked. Then I have to uncheck “Full scan” again - even though “Do not schedule this task” is already set - not that it does me any good, apparently.

Since I have set Antivirus to “Disabled” I don’t think it should be working at all. I don’t even want to download antivirus database updates. I only want a firewall, and have been using Comodo firewall since the early days.

Check boxes are to remove a given scan, you should see right most column as “Status”, that allows you to enable or disable a scan.
If you use Edit, you can further manage other options including scheduling.

Ok, that explains it. I thought that the checkbox indicated whether the scan was selected to run.

I thought that “status” indicated whether everything was in order, or suchlike (eg, failed scan, or ready to go).


In subsequent major release we plan to get rid of check boxes design and simply allow row selection that will be more like selecting check box on which edit / delete operations can be performed.

For some users it has indeed caused confusion.