Can't Stealth Completely

(Fresh install of xp and comodo internet security)

I’ve done several scans from PC flank and whatsmyip, and both keep showing that my netbios, dcom, and/or rpc ports are closed (135-139). I’ve done everything I could to fix this to make the firewall turn up stealthy. Nothing worked.

Discovered windows firewall was on → Turned it off
Turned off Dcom services
Turned off Netbios through services and windows worm remover program
Turned off netbios also through tcp/ip protocol in network connections
Turned off rpc locator port

I’ve noticed other people with this problem or worse (having netbios ports open) and pretty much gave up on this software. I’m wondering if anyone actually found a solution? While closed ports aren’t a huge security risk, I’ve had a hacker attack my system several times (static ip). I don’t need him/her to know when I’m online.

I just let CIS detect my network and go with defaults without ever using the stealth ports wizard and all my ports are stealthed except 113 which is closed. I have also read that stealthed ports are actually somewhat of a myth and that they don’t provide any more security than closed ones.