Can't shutdown computer!?

Hello everybody!

I’m satisfied with Comodo firewall but I have some problem. I can’t shutdown or restart my PC when Comodo is installed. I tryed to closed Comodo before shutting down PC, but it doesn’t helped. When I try to shutdown my computer, I still see the screen that Windows XP is saving settings but can’t turn out! After complete uninstalling of Comodo, the troubles gone out.

If anybody knows the solution, it will be great!

Hi, r.s,

First, what version do you use? The latest is 2.3 coming out today some time. The beta 2.3 works great. Let me know…



I will reply later. I’m not at home at this moment, so I can’t check the version I have installed, but I think it will be, because I have used the download link from the first page of Comodo website. If so, mabye I could wait for stable 2.3, not beta version. Version 2.3 will be launched today? Really?

Thanks, Ondrej.

Yes, we are only waiting for it to be posted. They are implementing the new download as we speak and will tell us when it’s done. :wink:



Hi, I’m back. I know you are enjoying new version right now, but didn’t fix my problem with shutting down of PC. :-[

I’m using Windows XP Professional (5.1.2600) SP2 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 (

Any idea how to solve this complication?



How long do you wait for windows to shutdown?


I have waited 10 minutes at longest and then I manually pressed the restart button on my case. I don’t know long it shoud shutting down totally.

Do you use an IP blocker like peerguardian or protowall?

Ok, I know there is some delay due to the advanced security checks CPF performs, but this should only be a brief delay.


No, any of them.

You can try the following with this release:
Close CPF manually and then try to shutdown to see if it will solve the problem. 10 minutes is not an acceptable time at all. A couple of seconds would be understandable. What other security software do you have?

also having the same problem…
I am using only KAV 6.0 and Comodo Firewall…none of the other security softver…please help!!! I like the program very much and I wouldnt like to uninstall it…

You might try installing and using the Microsoft User Profile Hive Cleaning Service, uphclean.exe. It is available from Microsoft: use Google to locate it. Its function is to deal with cleanup when programs are slow about releasing their Registry connections. Very unobtrusive and useful.