Can't set cookie exceptions.

I running Windows 7 x64 & Dragon 31.1.

I can no longer set cookie exceptions, when I type in a site, the background of the input box is red. The site is not saved, clicking on the Allow for this Site pop-up, doesn’t work either.

Hi Rizathivax,
Can you please post an example site that is not saving in the exceptions list?


Yes I can. However, it seems I was encountering two separate problems.

The Red box & not saving was because of my trying to enter instead of [.] like Dragon demands.

However, with Privdog installed, Dragon not longer fully controls third party cookies.
You’ll see an extra icon behind the Third Party Cookies dialog in Dragon’s settings,
which says “This setting s is enforced by an extension.”

At this point I’ve found that if Privdog is NOT set to block third party cookies, Dragon uses it’s own Allow/Disallow settings.
HOWEVER if Privdog is set to block third party cookies, ALL third party cookies are blocked, even if the site is on BOTH Privdog’s & Dragon’s allow lists. Dragon does honor it’s own Disallow list if Privdog is NOT set to block cookies.

So the effect is the same, you have to choose if you want to NOT allow any cookies, by having Privdog set to Block or you’re forced to ignore the warning in Dragon’s setting about “This setting s is enforced by an extension.” & set up the sites you want to allow in BOTH Dragon for cookies & Privdog for the rest.

In the face of this the Block cookie settings appear to do the reverse in Ice Dragon if Privdog is set to allow cookies, the Third Party Cookie settings disappear completely. At least Ice Dragon allows the industry standard * in the Allow/Disallow lists.

I’ve opened a support ticket on the Comodo site about Dragon ignoring the Allowed list with Privdog enabled, but I’m really not sure at this point if this a Dragon/Ice Dragon problem, a Chrome/Firefox problem or just a Privdog problem.

What I am sure of is since some versions of Dragon & Ice Dragon even come with Privdog pre-installed, the whole thing ends up being our problem.

The attached screen shot shows cookies being blocked on even though Dragon is set to allow cookies from [*.] & Privdog is set to allow *

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When navigating to “” there are two domains saving cookies in Dragon. “” is the domain you are navigating to and cookies set by it are first party cookies. “” is a domain which sets cookies when you navigate to “”. This means that these cookies are in fact the third party cookies which are being blocked.

If you set “” to exceptions, third party cookies from “” will continue to be blocked and the message will be displayed in Dragon.

I ran tests for the following scenarios:

  • “Realtime 3rd party cookie blocking” enabled in Privdog
  • “[*.]” added to Dragon’s exceptions as “Allow”
    Results: cookies from the “” were set in Dragon.
  • “Realtime 3rd party cookie blocking” enabled in Privdog
  • “[*.]” added to Dragon’s exceptions as “Block”
    Results: cookies from the “” were not set in Dragon.
  • “Realtime 3rd party cookie blocking” enabled in Privdog
  • No excetions set in Dragon
    Results: cookies from the “” were not set in Dragon.

The conclusion is that Privdog respects exceptions for third party cookies set in Dragon’s options.


  • “Realtime 3rd party cookie blocking” enabled in Privdog
  • exception for “” set in Privdog
    Result: cookies from the “” were not set in Dragon.

This means that the exceptions list in Privdog does not influence the third party cookie blocking. I do not know if this is by design or not, you should ask this question here.

I hope this clarifies the situation. Feel free to ask for details should this explanation not be sufficient.


Interesting & mostly accurate. I continued your tests, finding that all Privdog does is turn Dragon’s own Third Party Cookie Blocking on or off.
So it isn’t that it honors Dragon’s exception list, in reality Privdog does nothing except show if Third Party Cookies are being blocked or not by Dragon.

I also found that (image part 2) Dragon’s Cookies Blocked dialog shows “Always allow to set cookies.”, making people think that if they click Done that their problems with cookies being blocked is “Fixed”. Which in fact, since Dragon is not blocking first party cookies, it makes no difference. *(Note: If you are blocking All cookies, then it does in truth allow cookies.)

In our case, since it’s Third Party Cookies we’re concerned with, you must click on “Show cookies & other site data” in the Cookie Blocked popup dialog (image part 2). This opens the “Cookies being set by this page” dialog (image part 3), where you see that is allowed, clicking on the Blocked tab (image part 4) shows that cookies are being blocked. Clicking on Allow makes it change to Bold text & clicking on Done, adds [*.] to Dragon’s exception list.

If Dragon’s Cookie Blocked popup dialog would show ALL cookies for the page & allow you to allow the ones needed, on the original page, we wouldn’t have to “guess” where we need to go & what we need to do to get the web page to work.

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