Can't seem to export Configurations [RESOLVED]

Trying to update from 3.5 to 3.8 firewall but can’t seem to export Configurations keep getting error “unable to obtain necessary right” Please run this utility as administrator and try again. I am the admin and the only user of the pc. I right click and run comodo as admin but still the error when trying to save. Need help

Do you have UAC enabled? If so, you need to temporarily disable it. I’ve gotten this too with it enabled, but I don’t have UAC enabled anymore cos I got D+ (:KWL).

Thanks, that did the trick after I disable uac I was able to export, installed and import with no problem, all good so far

Good to hear. :wink:

I’ll lock this topic and mark it as RESOLVED. If you need it re-opened, please PM a mod.