Can't see other computer on the network

Hi guys,

I have a desktop and a laptop on my network. When I view the workgroup from the laptop, I can see the desktop and the laptop. But when I go to view the workgroup from the desktop, all I see is the desktop. Also, if I try to go to \laptop it asks me for a password.

Any ideas? If you guys need more info, which I’m sure you will, just let me know.


Can anyone help me? :THNK

Hi fiendz

Have you tried running the “Stealth Ports Wizard” which will give you two rules in “Application Rules”(under system) and two in “Global Rules”

Firewall/Stealth Ports Wizard/Next/Check “I would like to define and trust a new network zone”/Put in the IP of the laptop/Hit Finish and you should recieve the message “your firewall has been configured accordingly”
Now have a look in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application rules and Global rules and you should see 2 rules—>
Allow system to send requests if the target is IP in ...**
Allow system to receive requests if the sender is IP in ...**
Plus 2 similar Global rules.